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Tech Companies- Your HR Departments Performance under question?

August 15, 2017

As I sit here taking a mini break between the coordination of probation review dates and the compilation/final touches to the Skills Matrix spreadsheet ready for Operations implementation. I stumble across an interesting article in Personnel Today by Rob Moss.

In which sector is HR perceived least effective?

The article cites that from data collected across 50,000 employees across 11 different sectors HR departments in Tech companies finished bottom, when the employees were asked to rate the effectiveness of HR Teams in their own organisations.

So I ask myself as a busy HR Professional in an emerging technology retail industry..

How would I rate my effectiveness and how should I expect my colleagues to rank the effectiveness of the HR Department if I had only 3 areas of criteria:

1) Ability to get things done;

2) How technically, good am I at my job; and

3) How responsive am I to other teams.

The data cited in the article explains the average effectiveness score of HR departments in Tech companies was 2.66 out of 5, below the average of 3.45.

So I ask myself, do I buck the trend.

How do I ensure this perception is turned around?

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