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Summer Offer

Are you a micro business or SME in the tech industry or eCommerce retail space seeking to secure your HR foundation without breaking the bank?

Struggling to keep up with ever-changing employment laws and regulations, while also trying to create a fair and inclusive work environment?

We understand your challenges! Many micro businesses and SMEs face the uphill task of developing HR policies that align with legal requirements and industry best practices, tailored to their specific needs. The lack of comprehensive HR policies can lead to legal risks, employee dissatisfaction, and even financial losses. But worry not, as we've got you covered!

Introducing our exclusive "Summer HR Shield" - a limited-time offer designed to help you build a robust HR framework that safeguards your business, enhances employee satisfaction, and ensures compliance, all at a refreshing summer price of £125 per contract. Plus, take advantage of our special "Buy 4 Get 1 Free" deal to cover all your HR policy needs comprehensively.

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