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How to spot an exceptional employee

September 26, 2017

Just what is it that makes an employee exceptional? Is it purely intelligence, is it the soft skills, the personality of the individual? Or a mix of all three?

"Emotional Intelligence is an essential part of the whole person" While each organisation will look for certain characteristics in employees, here are some of the things I believe make an exceptional employee.

They are a Go-Getter- They get the Job Done You won't hear the words "that's not my job" come out these employees mouths. An exceptional employee goes above and beyond their job description, they work hard to get the task done right and done in time, where feasibly possible, whether it's a case of staying late or coming in early. They Love their Job.

Conflict?... No Problemo Be honest no one likes conflict, especially in the workplace, but when it arises an exceptional employee handles it like a pro. Conflict is not ignored, they do not allow it to fester... They take it by the horns and they resolve conflict head-on. Exceptional employees are not afraid to discuss problems, but they make sure that they discuss it with the person involved rather than bringing it up in group session which could descend into a fight.

Focus is Key An exceptional employee always remembers they are an individual, they are not scared to have fun and often can be creative in the workplace. An exceptional employee know's when to get serious and despite distractions from things that may pop up throughout the day knows ultimately what is important to the role and the business and drives through what needs to be done.

Ego? What Ego? Let's face it from time to time we all have that Diva within us, but exceptional employees will be the first to admit their wrongdoings, they are Team players and take accountability for mistakes, when they happen and always do what they can to fix situations.

I can't get no satisfaction "in the style of Cat Power" As much as this can be frustrating, unsatisfaction in an employee can be super. Good employers follow rule and processes to the T, where an exceptional employee will always be looking for ways to be more efficient and improve. They will constantly be looking at ways to advance their personal development and tweak processes to improve business productivity and operations. They are solution orientated and can quantify the issue, they don't let problems linger and ultimately they constantly explore their personal development.

It's all about the Brand! Exceptional employees embody their organisation. They are born Leaders (even if they don't hold a leadership position) You hear them Roar! They truly are a Brand Ambassador, they keep their emotions in check and keep negativity at bay. Their Values are the Organisations Values

So?? They have full control in the driving seat of their role. Their drive is more than just wanting to do a good job. It is the motivation that drives their focus to prove possible doubters wrong. Exceptional employees not only have intelligence, talent, skills and education, but a deeper drive to be effective!

What do you consider an effective employee? What traits do you look for? Let me know in the comments and if you found this interesting, please share

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