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Football Manager- The Game

August 10, 2018

The primary role of a manager is to ensure the daily functioning of a department or group of employees. Staffing: Most employers expect their managers to interview, hire, and train new employees. Set Goals: A manager articulates both short and long-term goals to ensure a company's longevity.

But here is a little gem of a truth for you.. Managers are the key players in engaging workers. Overall measuring engagement is one tricky subject matter and you can deploy as much research, tools and pieces of software you can muster and still not obtain a true picture of workforce engagement.

But the Managers of your business on the other hand can give you valuable insights. It makes sense? Manager interact daily with their colleagues, their reporting lines and even get to know them on a personal nature.

And on reflection we could all play "The Game" and all learn a thing from Football Manager, because after all in playing Football Manager we role-play we have been appointed our favourite teams managers with the primary role of staffing their team, training our team, and setting goals to become top of our league, in doing so we get to know our hand picked team- what position do they like to play, what don't they like, are we giving them enough match-time are we meeting their needs?

We provide our team a community, trust and inspiration in their team, recognition and reward through negotiation of elusive contracts and excitement, we constantly encourage them to raise performance, aim for that glorious leader-board.

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