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Effective Performance Management: A Two-Way Process for Success

June 26, 2023

Effective performance management is crucial to drive success in any organisation. By adopting a well-structured approach, companies can ensure that their employees are performing at their best, leading to increased productivity and better results. It's important to recognize that performance management is not just about evaluating individual performance, but also about providing support, feedback, and opportunities for growth. So, if you want your organization to succeed, make sure you have a solid performance management strategy in place.

Now a well-structured approach does not mean a tick-box exercise that occurs once or twice a year. Far from it. It is a continuous process that is a two-way process between employee and manager, one that fosters open communication, mutual understanding, and collaboration, leading to improved performance outcomes. It is a shared responsibility between employee and employer. Therefore it is important to recognise that the responsibilities of such a process are not just limited to the employer owning the process.

Employees to get the most out of a performance management process, should actively engage in goal-setting discussions, seek and accept feedback, take ownership of their own performance and growth and look to collaborate with others to identify areas for improvement.

Performance management is a dynamic process, 9 times out of 10 it is likely to have negative connotations about what it means, a means for an employer to manage an individual out of the business, but that is not what it should be about.

A good performance management process empowers the employer to be able to set clear expectations and goals, and this starts from day one, it does not happen just when there are issues, the manager is empowered to provide continuous feedback and coaching, and a good manager will recognise and reward achievements, supporting the employee's development and growth. Yes, there may be times when an employee's performance does not meet the expectations but this should be dealt with in a fair and transparent way, and a good performance management process should create an environment of trust and open communication which is most definitely two-way.

A two-way process enhances employee motivation. It creates an environment of trust, it improves performance outcomes and it drives employee engagement.

Keep in mind that performance management is a continuous process, therefore clear communication and regular check-ins are key. Encourage your employees to be honest and open about their progress, their ideas and goals and how they feel they are progressing. As organisations, we must equip our teams with the right tools and skills to be able to manage their own performance and goals. And don't forget to celebrate successes! What are your experiences of performance management? The good, the bad and the ugly? #PerformanceManagement #EmployeeEngagement #Productivity #Success #Motivation #PerformanceDevelopment #employeeengagement #employeeDevelopment #MotivationInwork

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